Much like the moon’s effect on the planet's oceans, motorcycles’ gravitational pull on our souls generates immense tidal passion, pushing and pulling until gasoline runs through our veins and motor oil fills our souls. The bike itself is not our whole life but seems to have an effect on everything in it, the friends we make, our literature and entertainment choices, and even the clothes we wear.

The freedom of the open road, the adventure of two wheels, the unknown around the next bend, this is Rock and Ride and this is what drives us. Our goal is to improve the rest of what fills our lives to suit our lives both on the road and at home.

We believe it is the passion for the ride that defines us, not the number on the odometer, the years in the saddle, having the right logo on your shirt or a patch on your back. We don’t believe a certain motorcycle manufacture or the particular style of bike you ride that dictates if yours is an “Authentic Lifestyle”. We share a passion, a road, a brotherhood, a wave that goes un-noticed by most of the world, we are the original rock star, and you are Rock and Ride.

Our mission is to inform, entertain, and inspire the motorcycle community without conforming to traditional stereotypes. As small hard working business based in the steel city (Pittsburgh, PA), we strive to offer quality products at a reasonable cost, with your support we can continue to invest, innovate, and provide new products for your enjoyment.

Its about the ride!
Rock and Ride Authentic Lifestyle